PyData Montreal Meetup #5

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Join us for our 5th PyData Montreal meetup:
- "Create profiles and understand users' behaviours" by David Blachon
- "How to win a gold medal on Kaggle" by Sergey Shilin

6:00 pm—Doors open

6:10 pm— "Create profiles and understand users' behaviours" by David Blachon

You are launching a connected product or a new service and are collecting data about usage, errors, performance... As you know, data leads to knowledge which could help you have early insights on your users. What if you could better understand your users by creating profiles from their data?
In this presentation, we will explore the methodology to deal with such use case, from the data required to the analysis techniques including clustering.

About David:
I am a senior data scientist working at mnubo with the main mission to extract value from connected devices' data. The part I love most in this job is data exploration: the strategies to process the data and have it show its value; the data visualization to highlight the information and convey the right message.
Prior to this position, I completed a PhD in 2016 in computer science and applied maths at Université Grenoble Alpes, France, followed by a post-doc in NLP in the same university. My background consists in signal processing, computer science, maths and machine learning.

7:00 pm — Break

7:10 pm — "How to win a gold medal on Kaggle" by Sergey Shilin

Why Data Science may be a lot of fun. Tips and tricks that help you win any machine learning competition along with common mistakes that junior practitioners do. Overview of the 22nd/8802 place solution of Santander Customer Transaction Prediction competition.

About Sergey:
Sergey is a Software Engineer with interests in many areas of Machine Learning, such as Image Processing, Reinforcement Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Sergey enjoys spending his spare time on winning competitions on Kaggle and thinks it played a major role in his career.

8:00 pm — Break and networking