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PyData Trojmiasto #9

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We are pleased to invite everyone interested in ML, AI and Data Science to join us on our 9th PyData Trojmiasto meetup, which will take place on 18th of October.

We are meeting at Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny, located at "Trzy Lipy 3" street, building C, room ABC (first floor). Please look at the map below:

Gdanski Park Nauko Technologiczny - venue provider.
Fundacja CODE:ME - legals and support


18:00 - 18:05 - doors open
18:10 - 19:00 - Talk #1
19:00 - 19:10 --- break
19:10 - 19:45 - Talk #2

1. Introduction: a few words about PyData Trojmiasto.

2. Talk #1:
“Deep Reinforcement Learning through AlphaZero lenses” - Piotr Januszewski

We will talk about planning in deep reinforcement learning, especially about state-of-the-art algorithm AlphaZero from DeepMind. In March 2016 its previous version, AlphaGo Lee, defeated 18-time world champion in the Ancient Game of Go, Lee Sedo. It’s worth noting that Go has more valid board states then there are atoms in the known Universe! Current version, AlphaZero, can learn to win in Go in hours, without any prior knowledge, solely through self-play. Its amazing for sure and after this talk you will understand how is it possible using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

3. Talk #2:
"Zaufaj mi, mój algorytm jest lekarzem - Czyli o sztucznej inteligencji w medycynie słów kilka..." - Emilia Brzozowska (DLabs).

This meetup will be held in Polish only.

If you're interested in delivering presentation on one of our next meetings or you have any other questions, please contact us by email:


We are community focused mostly on Python, R and Julia in Data Science application, but we are open to other technologies too.

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Thank you and see you there!