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2125 E Cesar Chavez St · Austin, TX

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Parking at the back of the building, turn right twice after reaching the address

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Ready to get your python study on? Join us for this beginner / near beginner-focused Python programming language study group! Check out the below self-paced 'study tracks' to see if there's one that's a good fit for you. You do not have to choose one of these tracks, please feel free to attend and work on whatever study/projects you are interested in working on. The idea behind the tracks is to give people with similar interests and experience a common program of study to pursue, and be able to help each other progress.

**Beginner track**
Who: This is for women who either just took the day course 'Intro to Python' or have minimal/no experience with python.
Goal: To get a good grasp of python basics.
The work: 'How to think like a computer scientist' series (reading material and practical problems). (for python version 2.x) (for python version 3.x)

**Beginner+ Web development track**
Who: This is for women who have the basics of python, and are interested in web development.
Goal: To be able to build functional websites using a combination of python and Django.
The work: 'Getting started with Django' tutorial series, followed by building a blog.

**Beginner+ Scientific programming track**
Who: This is for women who have basic understanding of python, and have a background in science or engineering and want to use python for this purpose.
Goal: To enhance ability to build programs for a variety of different scientific purposes.
The work: Individual projects with Python scientific packages such as scipy, numpy, and matplotlib.

Note that these tracks are not formal courses. There will be no designated teachers, formalized assessments, deadlines, or grades awarded. From time to time, we will likely pull in other more experienced pyladies share their expertise on a specific topic / project (particularly for sci track), but probably not every session. The members of this group are responsible for their progressing at their own pace and supporting each other's learning.

I don't know about you guys, but I am really excited about this! I really encourage everyone who thinks they might want to be involved to show up and see if this is for you. All of the study materials for recommended tracks are free, so you've got nothing to lose!