Tech talk & Hacknight: Hands-on with Python & Planet’s imagery data


Come learn how Planet uses hundreds of tiny satellites to capture images of the entire Earth every day, producing over 7TB of imagery daily -- and what you as a Python developer can do with that kind of data.

We’ll start with a quick overview of Earth imagery & Planet’s satellites, followed by a beginner-friendly introduction to remotely-sensed data. Then we’ll open our laptops and start hacking: using open-source tools, we’ll explore public datasets from Planet’s Open California Program, and walk through a few examples of how we can use Python to answer questions about our planet with satellite imagery.


The tech talk is accessible to people with all levels of Python experience, and will assume no experience with imagery or remote sensing data. The hands-on coding exercises are best suited to those with at least beginner Python skills, but all demo code will be provided in Jupyter Notebooks that you will be able to run on your own.

Hacknight Prerequisites

To be able to follow along during the hands-on hacking, you’ll need an API Key to access Planet’s open imagery data: sign up for a free account at

to get one. To run the Jupyter Notebooks we’ll use, you’ll need

Docker (

installed on your laptop

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