Tutorial: Hands-on Intro to aiohttp

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Hands-on Intro to aiohttp with Mariatta.

Asyncio is a relatively new feature in Python, with the async and await syntaxes only recently became proper keywords in Python 3.7. Asyncio allows you to write asynchronous programs in Python. In this tutorial, we’ll introduce you to an asyncio web library called aiohttp.

aiohttp is a library for building web client and server using Python and asyncio. We’ll introduce you to several key features of aiohttp; including routing, session handling, templating, using middlewares, connecting to database, and making HTTP GET/POST requests. We’ll provide best practises in building your aiohttp application, as well as how to write tests for your application.

We’ll use all new Python 3.7 features to build web services with asyncio and aiohttp.

Skill level: Intermediate
This tutorial assumes some experience programming with Python, REST APIs, git, GitHub, and installing Python packages using pip.

Bring your own laptop, with your favorite IDE, text editor, and Python 3.7 pre-installed.

Persons with any gender identity are welcome, and should respect that PyLadies Vancouver must be a place where women's voices are centred.

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6:00 PM door open. If you need extra help setting up your local environment, please come at this time.
6:30 PM - 9 PM tutorial