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This November we are going to hear John Berryman speak on Elasticsearch. Please note that we are not meeting on the usual Thursday, but on Friday (due to the holiday).

If you haven't noticed, search has become ubiquitous:
* e-commerce sites like Amazon and Netflix have rich product search,
* social apps like Facebook and Twitter allow you to easily find your friends,
* most companies have some sort internal document search,
* and last but not least Google gives you instant, pin-point access to all human knowledge.
Nevertheless most developers are not familiar with search technology. Therefore search technology is sometimes used in cases where it is a poor solution and often overlooked in cases where it is the ideal solution.

In this fast-paced discussion we will cover the ins-and-outs of search technology through the example of Elasticsearch, a dominant open source search engine. Topics covered include
* indexing and searching documents using the python Elasticsearch client
* understand when search is ideal - and when it's awful
* search engine internals
* uses for search technology outside of plain ol' search (logging, analytics, recommendations)

John Berryman started out in the field of Aerospace Engineering but soon found that he was more interested in math and software than in satellites and aircraft. He soon made the leap into software development specializing in search and recommendation technologies. John is now a Senior Software Engineer at Eventbrite, where he is helping build Eventbrite's event discovery application. He also recently coauthored a tech book, Relevant Search, published by Manning. John does yet not own a personal yacht.