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A Simple CMS in Python

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The Kotti CMS product ( is a simple and clean CMS product built on top of the Pyramid framework. Kotti has a "Batteries Included" slogan. It includes best-of-breed software components like SQLAlchemy, Bootstrap, Deform, and Chameleon.

Kotti is easy to install and get a site up and running quickly, but then provides a very powerful backend in Pyramid that allows it to be wildly extensible allowing for the development of customizations like custom content types, page templates, forms, and add-on products.

Join Chris Crownhart for a demo of the out-of-the-box product as well as some examples for making your own modifications.

Location and Time

We will be meeting at the Fort Collins Public Library in Old Town from 6:00-7:30 in Community Room 2. Walk straight in the front door and continue straight for 50 feet, then veer left and you will run into the room.