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Pykonik #47 Tech Talks Meetup

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Grzegorz S. and 3 others


We invite you for the next meetup!

Pykonik is a community of those using, learning or curious of Python. Our meeting details can also be found on our website, where you can sign up to give a talk at the next meeting:

This time we will host the following talks:

  • [ENG] Łukasz Dudek - Type hints 101

Type hints have been around since Python 3.5 & they're slowly encroaching further into most of the standard library as well as popular third-party libraries around the Python ecosystem. Want to know how to start annotating your code? I'll tell you a bit about the rationale behind using them, explain basic syntax, show what can be achieved with typing library & the "official third party" static type checker - mypy.

  • [ENG] Michał Wysokiński - Sending config files to 270 000 servers using Python

So you've got a lot of servers running many different combinations of your services. How do you ship their configs? There's actually a number of ways to achieve that: Ansible, etcd/confd, distributed file system or maybe simple plain env vars. However all of them give up when the number of your servers is 270 000 and growing... How to ship all that data? Imagine shipping a 500MB blacklist file with malicious domains at this scale. How to provide consistency? You don't want to serve an old version of your client's website when there's a short term sales event. Or how to make sure that the change you are going to send is safe for the network? Remember any famous CDN failures because of a bad config file? There are many challenges in the world of Metadata at scale and during the talk you'll see how Akamai is dealing with them using our beloved Python.

...and as always - lightning talks - ~5 minutes talks that can be given by anyone on any topic. Talk to us either online or during the event if you want to give one!

The meeting sponsors are:

  • Silvair

Silvair is a rapidly growing company developing innovative IoT technologies for the smart lighting industry. We provide advanced software solutions for wireless lighting control and commercial building automation. As a leading contributor to the Bluetooth SIG, we drove the development of Bluetooth mesh - a new communication standard for the Internet of Things. We were the first company in the world to develop a qualified Bluetooth mesh stack

Thanks to Silvair we would have drinks for all attendees

  • Akamai

At Akamai, our mission is to make digital experiences fast, intelligent and secure. Our intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud. It keeps apps and experiences closer to users — and attacks and threats far away.

You won't be hungry thanks to Akamai, because they're sponsoring the pizza.

  • Codecool

Our amazing host!

  • Jetbrains

During this meeting, we will give out two annual licenses for selected product from Jetbrains which includes PyCharm Professional.

Don't forget after the meeting there would be an after-party.

See ya at the event!


Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie!

Szczegóły spotkania dostępne są również na naszej nowej stronie: na której można dokonywać zgłoszeń z tematami prezentacji, do czego gorąco zachęcamy!

Podczas spotkania będziecie mogli posłuchać prezentacji na następujące tematy:

  • [ENG] Łukasz Dudek - Type hints 101

  • [ENG] Michał Wysokiński - Sending config files to 270 000 servers using Python

...oraz zgodnie z tradycją - lightning talki. Około 5-minutowe prezentacje zgłoszone przez każdego, kto jest chętny. Lightning talka możesz zgłosić online lub w trakcie spotkania.

Sponsorami spotkania są:

  • Silvair
  • Akamai
  • Codecool
  • Jetbrains

Nie zapominajcie, że po spotkaniu zapraszamy na afterparty.

Do zobaczenia!

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