• Pyninsula #21 -- Pyninsula Simplifies


    Pyninsula is back on again! Right back at SimpleLegal, in Mountain View, the base of the peninsula. We'll be having talks, pizza, and schmoozing! Parking: You can park in an available space in the lot, or on the street. 6:30-7:00 -- Eat, drink and talk Python! 7:00-7:15 -- Maya Ayoubi: Exploring 250+ Python Applications (Awesomely) 7:15-7:30 -- Announcements, Hiring, Seeking jobs 7:30-7:45 -- TBD: TBD (else, Moshe Zadka: Making it on your own -- The problem with inheritance) 7:45-8:00 -- Announcements, Hiring, Seeking jobs 8:00-8:15 -- Sanjay Siddanthi: Accelerating Data Science with Python 8:15-8:30 -- Closing announcements (next meetup, etc.) 8:30-9:30 -- Hang out with people. Share experiences. Ask questions. Have fun!