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Greetings and welcome to the Python Buffalo meetup group. Buffalo Data Science Meetup also shares this space.

This group is for bringing together people in Buffalo, NY who are interested in everything python. Whether you are a beginner or expert please join for meetings and presentations about new and old python techniques and technologies.

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Python for Microcontrollers

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Micropython, a flavor of Python used to program embedded hardware is becoming increasingly popular. While we are far away from organizations choosing micropython over C/C++, it has simplified hardware prototyping. There is a growing user base for Micropython and it comes with a text editor called Mu that enables developing and interacting with the python interpreter from within the editor. Sai Yamanoor, an IoT R&D Applications Engineer from Praxair will show some examples of using the micropython interpreter to interface sensors to a microcontroller. He will also talk about the different hardware options available to program in Micropython.

Pop Songs and Programming for Fun and Profit

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The open source community has been the driving force in the birth and meteoric rise of Python. PJ Hagerty of Devrelate.io will be presenting a language agnostic talk on the journey to becoming a productive open source developer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ever wonder what it takes to live in the world of an open source developer? What if everything you can learn comes from the world of pop songs? We can learn a lot of from music, but in this talk, let's listen and see how we can be better developers. Through a series of pop songs we’ll look at what it’s like to: - Start out on your own as a programmer - not sure where to go or to get involved in open source - Work on a team dedicated to Open Source in the crazy world of SV/SF - Open Source at a big blue company, and how large corporations view Open Source - Sharing your knowledge with the next line of new folks looking to get in on OSS - Going out on your own - giving a conference talk - being the expert and sharing what you know The idea here is to convey ideas on how to get into development and stay as a developer using the tunes and titles from popular music. It's a fun talk where learning how to be a better person leads to being a better dev.

Django Form Objects
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Interesting pattern to use for processing forms https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/forms/

Python for Programmers
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Engine Yard - Buffalo

I suggest a Python Talk/Workshop aimed at Programmers who have prior experience with other programming languages. This could be a considerably long talk and/or split into multiple sessions. Abstract: The workshop/talk would deal with 1. Overview 2. Installation 3. Basic Syntax 4. Data Structures in Python (Strings/Lists/Tuples/Sets/Dictionaries) 5. Control Flow (Loops and If/Elif/Else statements) 6. Functions 7. Modules 8. Input & Output (includes reading and writing files) 9. Errors and Exceptions 10. Classes Who? Alagappan Ramu - Professional Python Programmer for 4+ years - Python Tutor at Global Analytics Pvt Ltd (taught ~200 employees) - Python Tutor at SSN School of Management and Computer Applications - Currently a graduate student at UB - Active member of Python and Django communities

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