Python Project Toolbox 101 & Visual Question Answering

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Nicco Kunzmann will give a presentation about the state of the art in using best-practice tools for working on Python projects, supporting you to perform a variety of project-related tasks independent of the project's real functionality: testing, documentation, code quality, issue and process management, hosting and more. In this talk Nicco presents a few tools he is using in a GSOC (Google Summer of Code) project to start the collective discussion, so we know what is out there when we need it.

True-Vien Nguyen will present a machine learning model for Visual Question Answering by using a combination of deep learning with text features. Given an image and a question related to this image, the system will automatically learn to generate an answer for this question. For example, if people give an image about Wannsee, and ask a question like "Which season is that?", the system will analyze the image, the question and automatically generate the answer. The system is written in Python and uses two kinds of features from images and the text of the question. This talk will briefly describe the task, general model and the results achieved.

Lightning Talks

There will also be the opportunity to give lightning talks ( Please consider giving one and register yours on this EtherPad (!


At about 8:45 pm we’ll move to a nearby restaurant.