Second "Python for Quant Finance" Meetup in London.


Dear Python Quants,

as discussed during our first meetup on 13th of May, we would like to do the next meetup in June, most probably on 10th of June. I am still waiting for room confirmation (any further "general" ideas in this regard are highly appreciated).

Many people expressed their interest in having a more interactive format. I would therefore plan for an interactive case study in financial data analytics with Python for this meetup. Again further input/talk proposals are appreciated.

Furthermore: many people also expressed interest in a more formal "Python for Finance Training/Workshop" (IPython Notebook-based, case study/exercise-centric) which could also take place on the 10th of June. Please let me know if you are interested such a one-day event as soon as possible. If there is enough interest, we will also do this workshop.



P.S. I am also running the "Python Big Data Analytics" meetup group in Berlin (which meets today). Talks and content from this group might also be interesting to our London group. Therefore you might want to have a look (talks/content will be posted after the meetup):