• For Python Quants Bootcamp New York (paid event)

    CQF - Fitch Learning

    Dear Python Quants, The next For Python Quants Bootcamp will take place in New York in May 2017. We have compiled an intense 4-day program which you find described in detail under http://fpq.io Members of our group get a discount of 10% when using the code FPQ_YVES_10. All four event days are broadcast live over the web so that you can follow from any location in the world (there will also be video recordings available for a couple of weeks afterwards). If you have questions, get in touch with the organizing team at the CQF Institute via [masked]. Best, Yves P.S. This is a paid event for which you need to register separately (see http://fpq.io).

  • For Python Quants Meetup

    CQF - Fitch Learning

    Dear Python Quants, we are back with our conference series "For Python Quants" in Manhattan from 02. to 06. May 2016: http://fpq.io On Monday, 02. May 2016, we will also have another Meetup group event with talks, chances for networking and learning more about Python for Quant Finance. If you are interested in either attending the bootcamps or the conference, here is a special discount code TPQ_10 which is good for 10% -- in addition to the current early bird pricing (until 08. April). Hope to see you during the For Python Quants week. Best, Yves

  • Python for Quant Finance Meetup

    CQF - Fitch Learning

    Dear Python Quants, First of all a Happy New Year! I am glad to announce a meetup event in Manhattan on[masked]. So far, we will have at least two talks (more maybe to come): • Christian (Fitch Learning): "Overview of the CQF Program" • Aaron: "Using JavaScript based Visualizations in Jupyter Notebook Workflows" • Yves (http://TPQ.io): "Advanced Financial Analytics with Python and DX Analytics" (http://dx-analytics.com) In addition, we should have enough time for networking. If you have a talk idea (especially for a lightning talk of about 5-10 mins) feel free to reach out. Thanks to Fitch Learning for hosting us. Best, Yves

  • Third Python Quants Conference! forpythonquants.com

    CQF - Fitch Learning

    We're proud to announce we're hosting another conference ‘for Python Quants’ here in NYC on Fri, May 1. Details and registration at http://forpythonquants.com (You MUST have a ticket via Eventbrite to attend.) Also watch this space for more details about this event! The conference ‘for Python Quants’ is an exclusive event brought to you by Python Quants and Fitch Learning's CQF Institute. This year, the event features a number of expert speakers covering a rich variety topics in quantitative finance, including... - Dr Mark Higgins, former head of quant research at JP Morgan & current CEO of Washington Square Technologies, presenting on building bank-scale Python quant plaforms; - Dr Yves Hilpisch, author of Wiley Finance's "Derivatives Analytics with Python" and O'Reilly "Python for Finance," presenting on building open source quant finance tools; - Dr Jess Stauth, formerly head of quant research at Thomson-Reuters & current head of product at Quantopian, presenting on crowd-sourced, quantitative hedge funds; - Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA and CEO of QuantUniversity.com, presenting on model verification and stress testing in the cloud; - Adam Sherman on building a volatility trading fund using Python and open source technologies; - and more!

  • inaugural meetup "for Python Quants"

    Double Wide Bar and Southern

    The Python Quants (@pythonquants (http://twitter.com/pythonquants)) are proud to present the inaugural meetup "for Python Quants." Our kick-off event will be a drink-up and get-together to meet fellow developers, quants, and Python enthusiasts!