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Dear Pytosi,

We are organizing our first panel discussion ever! We would like to invite you to join us on OPEN SOURCE PANEL DISCUSSION, which will be held on Tuesday, 5th of March, at 6pm in Belgrade Startit Center.

PANELISTS: Marko Kažić: Founder of Zamphyr, Matija Čupić: Software Engineer at Gitlab, Srđan Panić: creator of Collections-C, Jona Azizaj: Open source enthusiast, FLOSS Advocate.

MODERATOR: Aleksandar Manja, founder and president of Level Up Serbia, and Marketing And Business Development Coordinator at Byte Kinematics.


Open source is becoming more and more popular, but is also arouses a lot of questions - what exactly open source is, do the companies understand the value of developing or using open source software, what license to use for your open source project and if you can make profit from open source software etc. In the light of that, we are going to talk about pros and cons of open source projects and try to increase the awareness about the open source.

After the discussion, Vladimir Trkulja, Co-founder of SEE ICT & Venture Fellow at UNICEF, will give a short presentation about UNICEF
Innovation Fund, which is investing in open-source startups.

*The event will be held in English.


Marko Kažić is the founder of Zamphyr, free school of technology. Pioneer of Free Education, and Education 2.0 movement. Works on moonshots and invests in extraordinary humans. Gave up consulting startups and venture capital funds from Silicon Valley to Hong Kong, returned to Serbia to work on the vision of crowdsourced, universal school accessible to entire humanity. As a free culture and free education activist advocates for a fundamental shift of paradigm in education and for a post-scarcity society.

Matija Čupić started to work at GitLab as a Community Advocate with a mission to cultivate and reshape GitLab’s online community. In January 2018 he transferred to the CI/CD team as a Junior Developer. He got the opportunity to manage the Community Advocacy team again in May 2018. After bootstrapping the team he went back to his biggest passion at work - engineering software. In the meantime they reorganized their backend roles. He was no longer a Developer but a Backend Engineer on the Verify team.

Srđan Panić is the author and maintainer of a free C Collections library, "Collections-C", and for almost a decade he's been writing software and contributing to various free and open source projects. He is also a passionate Free Software advocate and a member of a local developer community.

Jona Azizaj is an open source enthusiast from Albania. Being part of Open Labs, the first hackerspace that promotes free software in Tirana, she started to contribute to open source. Since then Jona has been part of different communities including Fedora, LibreOffice, Nextcloud etc. Furthermore she was part of Rails Girls Summer of Code working on Nextcloud and later on she joined Collabora. She loves mentoring people to start contributing in open source, and helping communities to be inclusive and diverse. Currently she is working with local communities in Balkan, to get to know them better and spread the word about FLOSS.

Aleksandar Manja is an IT professional, namely in the field of video game development. Though holding an MA in Sound Design for Theatrical Arts, his work in media, management and community allowed him to understand and contribute to the world of arts, business and technology. He is the president and co-founder of Level Up Serbia association, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Byte Kinematics Ltd. and Project Director of electro-swing music band “JAMi2”.

See you on Tuesday in Belgrade Startit Center, don’t forget to book your seat!

Best wishes,

Python Belgrade