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Dear Pytosi,

The sun is up, so let's get moving!

The #23rd Python Belgrade meetup is happening next Friday, 31st of May!
Join us at ICT Hub (Karlja Milana 10) , at 6pm sharp, because we have two amazing lecturers and some surprise for the end of the meetup!

Speakers and topics:

SPEAKER: Ivan Mitic (Telesign)

TOPIC: RabbitMQ federation between datacenters

What is AMQP, what it does and what can it help me with? We will use RabbitMQ as it's most successful implementation to bring AMQP closer to you. From elementary artefacts such as Exchange and Queue, all the way to Federation as one of the most advanced plugins. In this 15 minutes talk, we will use an abstract view to our own SMS platform as an example of these concepts in real World action.

SPEAKER: Djordje Jovic ( Kortechs)

TOPIC: Procedural generation in Python

A short introduction to the basics of procedural generation, followed by a demonstration of how to generate terrain using noise functions and how to generate fractal art in python.


A Lightning Talk is an informal 5 minute presentation where anyone can speak about anything they want - share the most interesting thing you've worked on recently, show everyone what a pretty picture of a horse you just drew, or just talk about life.

Get your 5 minutes in the spotlight and use the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas and practice public speaking.

Lightning talks will be held at the end of the meetup and you will be able to apply at the event itself.

After the meetup we are going to join our friends from Silicon Drinkabout Belgrade at Satchmo ex Crossroads bar, and continue our gathering there!

Don't forget to book your seat and see you soon!

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