December Pune Python meetup

This is a past event

58 people went


Python 101

- It is a one day hands-on python workshop which will focus on basics of python syntax , functions, data structures etc.
- At the end of the day, the attendees will be able to write code which will be helpful in day to day work.

Topics covered:
- Variable and Data types
- Operators and expressions
- Control flows
- Looping
- Data structures
- Strings
- Functions
- Modules
- File Handling
- ***Write some useful code.***

The attendees should have a beginner level programming skills in any language.

1. A laptop with python 2.7 installed.
- Linux machine/virtual machine (preferred).

- Install IPython

2. Text editor like vim/sublime text installed.

4. Installation guide:




<1.> Those who have done RSVP to yes and not coming to the meetup, please do RSVP to no. So that others can attend.

<2.> Confirmed attendee please carry your identity-card with your self.