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For coders and academics using or interested in using Pytorch for machine learning or differentiable programming to share knowledge, tips and support.

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Show and Tell - cloud GPU setup

Grid AKL - Tech Cafe

Hey all, Getting cloud GPU up and going can be a bit of a hurdle to getting started with deep learning. There are so many options to choose from AWS, Azure, Colab, Paperspace, IBM? Whats the cheapest, the fastest, the easiest? Last time we had an interesting chat about different GPU setups. Let's keep the momentum going and have a GPU show and tell. What to Bring: Please bring your laptop and if you have a cloud GPU setup please share your experiences. Sharing this knowledge will be very valuable for others! I will share how I use my AWS p2.xlarge setup.

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Talk: PyTorch for Beginners

Grid AKL - Tech Cafe

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