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We are a group of professional users of Microsoft SQL Server dedicated to sharing knowledge with each other. We aim to increase the knowledge level of each member of the group and to increase the usefulness of the product for each member.

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Azure Data Platform End2End

Microsoft Brisbane

Many of us - data people - come from a traditional, on-premise, relational data background. And depending on the size and complexity of the organisations we have worked for; it means that some of us never had a chance to work on Big Data projects. We hear a lot about how cloud, data lakes, Spark, machine learning and AI are revolutionising the world of analytics while we keep working on our SQL queries to generate a management dashboard. Organisations looking to stay relevant in the market recognise the value of data and are now asking their Data Architects to modernise their data platform. They have the mammoth task to handle an ever-growing amount of data that comes in different shapes and very fast. In order to fulfil the request, they are looking to leverage the power and flexibility of Azure cloud data services, but the problem is...there are so many of them! "What do they do?", "How they talk to each other?", "Which one should I choose?", "What does an architecture look like?" are the most common questions I hear. In this session we will put together many of the Azure data services in a common architecture that will be able to handle most data scenarios in your organisation.” About the Presenter: Fabio Braga Passionate data architect with over 20 years of experience in Microsoft data solution architecture design, implementation, optimisation and support of mission critical environments, such as banks, government, water and energy companies, superannuation and finance industry. With knowledge and experience in data solutions, software development and infrastructure support, I am able to develop end-to-end solutions to achieve the client’s need both on premise and in the cloud. My previous roles as pre-sales consultant, delivery architect, Microsoft trainer and most recently as Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. I hold a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and several Microsoft certifications. As Microsoft Official Trainer, I have delivered over 2,500 hours of Microsoft Official Courses on SQL Server and .NET. Continuous learning has always been part of my career and, just as important to acquire knowledge, it is to share it. I have developed a solid IT career built upon discipline, pro-activity, leadership, organisation and creativity. New challenges have always motivated me to keep learning and sharing knowledge with all teams that I have worked with.

The Relevant DBA

Microsoft Brisbane

In this session, Henry will address the disruption that is being experienced in the data management sphere and how a DBA can look at the options they have to apply their skills to this new world. About the Presenter Henry Rooney has worked with SQL Server for nearly 20 years. Over that time there have been significant developments in the service and keeping up with the way that the product has morphed is a fascinating challenge. Currently employed at Microsoft as a Technology Solutions Professional, he is involved with data on premises and in the cloud encompassing all services, from SQL to CosmosDB, SQLDW, Data Lake and Analytics.

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