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Hi LA! I would love to start an LGBT poker club where the goal is to meetup regularly w free tournament play at LGBT friendly bar. After a season of x weeks finish points will be tallied and winner declared.

Playing live poker in a larger tournament setting than we each can do on our own builds our game. Doing it in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment is something many LGBT player crave.

I am still not personally comfortable sitting at casino poker tables as I both get rusty from lapses of live play and don't feel comfortable w the smallest of small talk. I really built up my poker skills w QPoker in Philly but have yet to see any LGBTQ+ poker in Los Angeles un last 5 years.

Let's change that!

My goal is to start off w one-off monthly events based out of my private home to gain some interest. Then collectively look to see if we can bring the play to the bars to gain more interest and numbers.

Until that happens - the private events will always have a portion go to a charity so we are part of the community beyond the tables.

I would rather build interest w a core of people I want to call my friends and invite into my home before we approach a bar to be a venue :)

Keep an eye out for the upcoming monthly events!

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