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Lets get together for our 6th Show & Tell and discuss the power of personal data. Thanks to Hubraum for hosting our meetup again - we are looking forward to seeing you guys at this great venue.


19:30 Admission and Introduction

20:00 Presentations

Remco Vrielink - The Impact that Integrity has on our Power to impact Reality.

Remco tracks the amount of promises and commitment he makes - both with himself and others - and what % he fulfills on and how he sees this % affects his day to day life. He started doing this after several methods like Creative Consciousness and NLP, just to mention two, promote that the level of your integrity at a certain moment in time determines the probability that future commitments will actually manifest.

Brian Fabian Crain - Approaches to Productivity Tracking

There is a wide range of different approaches to tracking productivity: One can track time, to tracking progress towards goal completion, track habits. One can track actively or use a program that tracks without the users active input. Brian will review the different approaches to productivity tracking and the applications built around them. He will also talk about his own experiments and discuss what he found to be the most effective.

Florian Schumacher - Tracking my Life while Celebrating it

Florian ( collects data about his activity, sleep, weight, body measurements, heart-rate, bloodworks, alcohol levels, time, behaviors and wears a life logging camera every once in a while. With his 2014 Q1 project, Florian attempts to get in shape and also improve his career. He will explain how he uses tracking to achieve his goals and also talk about motivational hacks and how he keeps his self tracking system lean and avoids unnecessary efforts.