QS Show & Tell #9: Hacking your biology

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Self-Quantifiers and Biohackers in Berlin!

We are starting this QS season with a bangin' Show & Tell event! Please join us on March 25th at the Hubraum in Berlin, listen to insightful self-experiments, engage in stimulating conversations and stay late to find out about current projects and the newest developments in the field. One more speaker spot is open so go ahead and send us a short description of your story! We would love to hear you speak.

The line of speakers this time will be:

Josephine Worseck - Quantifying your metabolism and correlating it with lifestyle factors

Josephine will talk about her personal experience working and testing Kenkodo, a revolutionary concept to analyze your biochemical fingerprint in a single blood drop. She then combined modern analytics to correlate her metabolites with her individual lifestyle to find patterns in nutrition, stress, sleep, sport and health.

Kenkodo recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to make this breakthrough technology available to everyone. We as Quantified Selfers support projects like this that promise to provide new insights about how our metabolism is affected by lifestyle or health factors. Already eager to find out more? Then check out Kenkodo's campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kenkodo-the-first-comprehensive-body-tracker)!

Maximilian Gotzler - Tracking inflammation: Identifying triggers and finding treatment options

Max has been tracking high-sensitive C-reactive protein (hsCRP), a general indicator for inflammation, in his blood over time to find out, which food or lifestyle factors influence inflammation in his body. Inflammation is tied to a number of health risks such as leaky gut, metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes and several auto-immune diseases and is often undetected for months. A simple test can help identify an existing inflammation.

In this talk, Max will present his findings on inflammation and correlate his test results with his diet and lifestyle.

Vedrana Högqvist Tabor - Discovering cancer: How tracking sensors can help discover diseases at early and treatable stages

Vedrana will tell us the powerful story of her friend, who passed away because her symptoms were paid attention to too late. With the help of new tracking methods, Vedrana is convinced that cases such as her friend's will be preventable in the future.

Vedrana is a scientist researcher at Clue dedicated to finding new diagnostic and treatment methods for cancer.

We are looking forward to a wonderful event with all of you! Come join and let's have a rockin' QS Show & Tell!

Max & your QS organizer team