Show & Tell #9

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For this event we will have three exciting speakers and of course the opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in town. J These are our presentations:

Christian Margolus - Killing my sugar cravings – How I learned to control my hunger by continuously measuring my blood sugar level

Christian is the founder of Bodylabs (, a startup that lets you check you analyze your body age. He wanted to understand where his hunger and his sleepiness in the afternoon came from. Therefore he measured his blood sugar levels for four days in a row – every wakening hour. Since then he effortlessly changed his eating habits and never felt tired in the afternoon anymore.

Michael Reuter - Simplifying self-tracking with automatization

Michael is a Co-Founder of QS and Big Data startup Datarella ( He will share his very subjective take on Quantified Self: He doesn't have time to spare and everything he does must be time-optimized. Ideally, it should work automatically. For him, QS must function on the fly, ideally all data are passively collected, aggregated, analyzed and come with the appropriate recommendations. Michael will show us the tool he is using and also his ideas on future developments for self-tracking applications.

Josephine Worseck - Quantifying Metabolism with Kenkodo

Kenkodo ( is the first personalized metabolism analysis kit that tracks the impact of your daily life holistically. The idea was brought to life by the Biotech company Metabolomic Discoveries and is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo ( Josephine Worseck -trained molecular biologist at Metabolomic Discoveries- will give you insights into the underlying technology. She will explain how Kenkodo translates the message of your metabolism into better lifestyle decisions. Being part of Kenkodo from the first second she quantified herself during the proof of principle experiments.


19:00 Admission and Introduction

19:30 Presentations

21:00 Networking