Meetup #14 with Gary Wolf

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Dear members,

Just two weeks until our special meetup with Gary Wolf; the founder of Quantified Self. We are very excited!

The meetup is scheduled at Wednesday the 15th of June at the Hanzehogeschool, Zernikeplein 11. You are welcome from 13:00. The meetup will start exactly at 13:30. We have a very special schedule.

We will have four interesting speakers to share their story. The full program will be announced but for now we have three speakers:
Ronald Fokkink has intensively tracked his live as a diabetic for over several years now and he will share his experiences. He is the perfect example of how patient-engaged care can improve health (care).
Ellis Bartholomeus drew a face to self-report my mood for the day for a period of six months. This inspired, and engaged her more than she expected. She will tell about how the faces triggered her curiosity and provided many insights that motivated her forward.
Gerard Poels cycles every day to work. Over 8 years he has been tracking the Dutch weather during his cycle trips. How much rain do you expect of the Dutch weather?
Thomas Blomseth Christiansen has tracked his every sneeze since May 2011. By now he has data on the onsets of six pollen seasons while he has been making experiments with his allergies to convince his immune system that grass pollen does not pose a real threat. Sneezes are seen as inconspicuous and as a nuisance. Without planning for it Thomas’ sneeze tracking has turned into a project to show you otherwise and has almost gotten a life of its own.

At 2:30, you'll have the chance to meetup with each other and there will be N=1 poster presentations from the students of the international minor Global Health & Quantified Self who will present their personal Quantified Self projects.

At 4:00 the actual inauguration ( Gary Wolf will start. You are more than welcome to attend the inauguration as well. Sign up here ( (before the 8th of June!)

All the talks will be held in English.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Pit & Justin Timmer