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Welcome to Qatar Desert Camping

This is an social group , nonprofit

This is a group for anyone interested in desert night camping, All skills levels are welcome.

The purpose of this group to organize free weekends desert night tent camping trips.

Our objective is to bring together people from all aspects of life to enjoy the great nature, and seek fun and friendship.

Some pepole love to camp, but don't know where to go and dont have anyone to go camping with. Our group solves both problems. Don't worry about being new. We will introduce you to every one and make you feel right at home. It won't take you long to feel like a lifetime member of our group.

Camping being the primary activity, secondary activities often include hiking, explore the local area, build bonfires, grill out and chill out with a highly entertaining group of campers

Deserts is majestic, powerful places to visit, and contrary to popular notions, they
aren't just barren landscapes. Deserts are very much alive, and they host a
wide range of fascinating plants and some animals. But the landscape should be
taken lightly, and it requires campers to follow a different set of rules than
they might in more mild environs.

The desert is a place of extremes. Many desert regions get very hot during the day, but they can also be
very cold at night, meaning that you'll have to plan and pack for both.

Staying hydrated and finding enough water are the most obvious and pressing concerns when you're spending a significant amount of time in the desert, but there are other things to keep in
mind. For one thing, landmarks can be few and far between, and trails can be
difficult to find, making it easy to get disoriented and lost.

Many deserts are also home to a number of hazardous creatures, like venomous snakes, that can really spoil your vacation



If you like the pictures below, bring a camera and you will be able to snap your own post card photos

Major guideline

* Attendee limit 10-20

* Only RSVP members are allowed to attend this event

* Our camping spot 10 mins from resort

* Meeting point cline resort

* Please bring your personal items, Head Light, food, sleeping bag, water, ............

* it will be cooled please bring enough Clothes

* We have hot drinks, tents, Grilled area, fire, generator, for free useage

Camping Regulations

To minimize impact on the fragile desert environment Campers
should adhere to Qatar Ministry of Enviroment laws and regulations

As per daytime/wether conditions additional regulations may be apply

• Plan Ahead and Prepare

• There is no permit or registration required for short period camping at Qatar Desert.

• Charge you mobile, close all Unnecessary application, bluetooth, wi fi,

• There is no paved road in desert, don't creat a new path, please follow the exisiting tire path.

• Carry a good map/GPS

• Familiarize yourself with desert travel and survival skills before beginning your trip.

• Camp on Durable Surfaces

• Do not make camp in a dry wash—flash floods develop quickly in the desert.

• Camping is limited to a maximum of 24 hr

• Campsites must be more than 20 meter from any water source.

• Camping is not permitted: within 1/4 mile of any paved .

• Dispose of Waste Properly, Excrement must be collected and disposed of in garbage receptacles.

• Store all food and garbage in a manner that will prevent access by wildlife. Carry
plastic bags and pack out all trash.

• Bury human waste in catholes 6-8 inches deep, at least 200 feet from water, camp,
and trails. Don't bury toilet paper or hygiene products - carry a plastic bag
and pack it out.

• Leave What You Find, Disturbing, defacing, or collecting plants, animals, rocks, and historic or archeological objects is prohibited. As part of our national heritage, these resources should be left as they are found for all to enjoy. Metal detectors are not allowed.

• Minimize Campfire Impacts, Campfires are allowed in established fire rings only, or with use of a portable firepan (be sure to pack out ashes). Do not leave fires smoldering or unattended.

• Respect Wildlife

• Be Considerate of Other Visitors

RSVP Policy:

For scheduled events, please RSVP "YES" only if you plan on attending an event.
If your plans change, please change your RSVP to "NO". Otherwise you will be removed from the group.

Release of Liability:

By joining this group, you hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE it's organizers all liabilities and claims from any of the causes of the actions that you and your guests have or may have in the future, for injuries, damages, death and or economic loss without limitation of any kind in any of the activities in this group and release the organizers (hosts) and providers from all liabilities and claims therefore.

You agree you are physically fit to participate in the activities and that your equipment is mechanically safe and suitable for its intended use. You also agree to heed all traffic laws wear suitable clothing and accessories appropriate for the activities.

Sorry, but no pets are allowed on any of the trips, no matter what size.

For more information please call me @ 55145738

Best Regards

Ahmad Diab

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