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This support group is created as a safe space to share your victories (I didn’t lose my keys this week!) and to vent your frustrations (Ugh, I forgot to take my kid to TaeKwonDo today!). Come join us!

Come to a place where we can be candidly honest with ourselves, and gently encouraging to each other. Adults with ADD/ADHD encounter specific barriers in several areas of life: at work, at home, and with friends. It seems we have to work harder than everyone else just to keep up. Our group will also share scientifically proven practices that can improve ADHD symptoms, as well as ways to set up your home, car or workspace to be more helpful with the way that your brain works!

Our group is supported by CHADD of Iowa. CHADD is a national nonprofit organization that provides information, advocacy and support for Children and Adults with ADHD. Our meetings are free and open to the public. Donations and membership are deeply appreciated, but not required.

All of our meetings are free and do not require membership. Parents of children with ADHD are also very welcome to join us!

Enjoy additional benefits, join CHADD of Iowa by becoming a member today! https://chadd.org/get-involved/membership/

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