Demystifying Blockchain Technology + Blockchain in Healthcare guest talk

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Agenda:[masked]: Networking & Refreshments[masked]: Demystifying Blockchain Technology by Sri Krishnamurthy, QuantUniversity[masked]: Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare: Current Landscape & Challenges by Dr.Gajendra Jung Katuwal, Ph.D, Philips Healthcare

Talk 1: Demystifying Blockchain Technology

While Bitcoin and its many incarnations are garnering all the attention, Blockchain, the underlying technology powering Bitcoin is promising to revolutionize businesses in unimaginable ways. From record keeping to facilitating transactions to identity management, endless solutions are being proposed that could transform how businesses operate in the next few years.

Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA, is the founder of QuantUniversity, a data and quantitative analysis company, and the creator of the Analytics Certificate program and the Fintech Certificate program. He has more than 15 years of experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and designing large-scale applications. Previously, Mr. Krishnamurthy has worked for Citigroup, Endeca, and MathWorks and has consulted with more than 25 customers in the financial services and energy industries. He has trained more than 1,000 students in quantitative methods, analytics, and data science in the industry and at Babson College and Northeastern University.

Talk 2: Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare: Current Landscape & Challenges

Several problems in healthcare stem from the complex network of intermediaries and the lack of traceability of transactions. To mention a few: healthcare data is fragmented across several silos negatively affecting research and services, about half of the clinical trials are never reported, the cost of drug discovery is ever increasing, and substandard and fake medicines are still a huge problem. Blockchain has the potential to solve these problems as it provides trust without any intermediaries, has traceability as a default feature, and promises new business models by enabling novel incentive structures. Due to its potential, blockchain has gathered significant interest in the healthcare industry. In this paper, we review major use cases of blockchain in healthcare: patient data management, pharmaceutical research, supply chain management of medical goods, prescription management, billing claims management, analytics, and telemedicine alongside the related projects. We found that most of the blockchain projects are limited as white-papers, proof of concepts, and products with a limited user base. However, we observed that the quantity, quality, and maturity of the projects are increasing. We also discuss technical, regulatory, and business challenges to the adoption of blockchain in the healthcare industry.

Gajendra Jung Katuwal, Ph.D., is a scientist working to improve healthcare and scientific research. His background is in information theory and machine learning. He is an early adopter to new technologies and has been involved with Blockchain technology since 2013. Currently, he is a Research Scientist at Philips Healthcare, Cambridge where he is involved in machine learning and blockchain projects to solve problems in healthcare.

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