What we're about

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. We exchange information about our personal projects, the tools we use, tips we've gleaned, lessons we've learned. We blog, meet face to face, and collaborate online. You are welcome to join us!

From how to self-diagnose to how to self-experiment with data and statistics, Quantified Selfers might be those curiously engaging in a host of intelligence-gathering in the form of:

- life logging,

- sleep tracking,

- personal genomics, personal genetics and genome sequencing

- medical self-diagnostics and keeping track of one's own medical data

- location tracking,

- biometrics,

- psychological self-assessments,

- caffeine experiments,

- behaviour tracking,

- productivity tweakery

Good sources of inspiration from some of the original Quantified Self Meetups are:

The Bay Area QS Meetup [ http://www.meetup.com/quantifiedself/ ]
The NYC QS Meetup [ http://www.meetup.com/NYQuantifiedSelf/ ]
and the QS Blog [ http://www.quantifiedself.org/ ]

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Koh Samui QS meet?

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Cafe Tartine (BTS Pleonchit)

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