December Meetup and Show and Tells


For December we will be having show and tell talks followed by drinks in the central hotel library.

* Emer O'Hare - Emer has spoken on the topic of sleep in the past, coming from a background in Sleep Science and working for Health-Tech companies such as ResMed. For this event Emer will be sharing analysis of 6 months of personal data covering mood against Fitbit, weight, etc data.

* Gareth Shaw - Gareth will be discussing how applying self-tracking principles in healthcare presents challenges and opportunities. Gareth works at TickerFit, where he is working as Partnership Manager, looking after clinical partnerships, research projects and commercialisation.

* Cathal Gurin and Rami Albatal - co-organisers of Quantified Self Dublin/ Dublin Life-Logging, and long-time self-quantifiers. Cathal & Rami will be sharing a recent data-gathering project they worked on.