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QS Tokyo Show&Tell #4 (Yahoo! Head Quarters in Roppongi)

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Hi, sorry to keep everyone waiting!! We are announcing our fourth QS Tokyo Show & Tell meetup!

We will be having three speakers this time. Two of the presentations will be in English, one in Japanse. Whatever language you use, we’ll be happy to share our thoughts.

Please take a look at the short report about our previous meetings ( (in Japanese).

Place: Yahoo Japan Head Quarters in Midtown Tower, Roppongi map (

Since we will be meeting on a weekend, all participants will need to register in advance on our Meetup page. Please RSVP if you have not done so yet.
The reception will be on the 2nd floor.

Date: June1, 2013 (Sat) / 2pm to 4pm
(Doors will open at 1pm and close at 5pm for networking with participants.)


駒井 研司 / Kenji Komai
MyStats発案者 / Creator of MyStats


Kenji Komai is the creator of "MyStats", an iPhone app for self management. Kenji has been recording various activities using MyStats, such as working time, wake-up time, number of emails, number of push-ups, weight, etc. He will be sharing his experience and thoughts on how to record your activities, what he has learned from it and the value of it.


Title: How I Quantify My Time

クリスチャン ルーミス / Christian Loomis

An evaluation of the effects of blue light at different times of the day on sleep quality. Several methods are used to change blue light exposure, and a Zeo sleep meter is used to quantify the quality of sleep.

Title: Blue Lights, Big Sleep

宮沢 てるみ / Terumi Miyazawa
エニアグラムファシリテーター / Enneagram facilitator


While Terumi works as a pharmacist, spreading a health management method not depending on medicines, she also works as an enneagram facilitator. Realizing not knowing yourself. The meaning of everyday behavior. Issues that arise between human relationship. She will take you on a journey of finding yourself.

発表タイトル: エニアグラムで素敵な自分に出会う!

Title: Meeting yourself using Enneagram