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QS Show and Tell #9 (RECRUIT LIFESTYLE )

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Gran Tokyo SOUTH TOWER1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6640 · Tokyo

How to find us

We'll meet at 24F Seminar Room. There will be some of our staff at the front reception area, please receive the security card from them and proceed to the elevator. Thx.

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Hi! We are happy to announce our next QS Tokyo meetup!!

(次回QS Tokyo meetup開催概要です。日本語の案内は後半に続きます)

We will have 4-5 speakers and 2 of them will give us an English speech. The place, Gran Tokyo SOUTH TOWER, has a really nice view with a glass-walled large room. Any lightning talks will be welcomed. We’ll be happy to share our thoughts.


14:00-15:00 Social Hour

15:00-17:00 Show & Tell


Greg Schwartz / QS San Francisco meetup organizer

“How Much Am I Burning, Man? Calories and GPS tracking of Burning Man[masked]”

Greg Schwartz has a Master's Degree from Stanford, and works as a part-time UX Troubleshooter. He also is a fire dancer, and co-organizes the San Francisco Quantified Self Meetup. He tracks many aspects of his life, most notably productivity (RescueTime), calories burned each minute (BodyMedia), and his relationships/dating (a spreadsheet).

Quantified Dating:
Burning BodyMedia:

[ San Francisco Quantified Self Meetup Group ]

Emiko Suzuki / 1st year master's student of Human Performance Lab, Keio University SFC

"My relationship with quantification"

"My main research field includes cognition and embodiment. Especially I am interested in the correlation between dancing and emotion.I believe my mission is to find ways for more fulfilling life by understanding why we do what we do.Often, our sensory signal becomes the cue to take certain action. I feel great potential in using technology to recognize these physical signs that induce behaviours. I am hoping to discover new knowledge with everyone at QS!"

Kohske Takahashi / The University of Tokyo Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology / Araya Brain Imaging

“NeuroProfile: A web-based service for personalized neuroprediction from anatomical brain scans”

"However our brain is the most nearest existence of our "Self", it is really hard to know objectively about our brain. NeuroPrifile is a web service providing us a visualization of your brain. You can have a snapshot of your brain via MRI, and then you can upload your data to get a visualization. It enables you to have a new way of looking you and your brain.

I'll talk about how to use NeuroProfile, what we can know from NeuroProfile and a new point of view which will be provided by NeuroProfile."

Takashi Ozaki / RECRUIT COMMUNICATIONS (Data Scientisit)

"Taste of Wine vs. Data Science"


第9回 QS Tokyo Show&Tell ミートアップ 開催概要です。


【場所】 株式会社リクルートライフスタイル (,139.7667787,16z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x60188bfb671b5445:0x44f96bfe79bac949!2z44CSMTAwLTAwMDUg5p2x5Lqs6YO95Y2D5Luj55Sw5Yy65Li444Gu5YaF77yR5LiB55uu77yZ4oiS77yS!3b1!3m1!1s0x60188bfb671b5445:0x44f96bfe79bac949?hl=ja) グラントウキョウサウスタワー 24F会議室

※ 東京駅八重洲口から徒歩1分です


Greg Schwartz QS San Francisco meetup organizer
“How Much Am I Burning, Man? Calories and GPS tracking of Burning Man[masked] ”

鈴木絵美子 慶應義塾大学大学院 政策・メディア学科 修士一年

"My relationship with quantification" / "数値化との付き合い"


高橋康介 東京大学先端科学技術研究センター認知科学分野 / アラヤ・ブレイン・イメージング
“NeuroProfile: A web-based service for personalized neuroprediction from anatomical brain scans”


尾崎 隆 株式会社リクルートコミュニケーションズ ICTソリューション局アドテクノロジーサービス開発部

“Taste of Wine vs. Data Science”

主に「ビッグデータ」という言葉で人口に膾炙しているデータサイエンス分野ですが、一方でヒトの主観的な感覚や認知についても客観的な測定データから迫ろ うという試みにも力を入れています。本講演ではワインのテイスティング評価と各種科学的測定指標とを組み合わせたオープンデータセットに着目し、データサ イエンスがどのようにヒトの主観的な感覚にアプローチし得るかを簡潔に論じます。

ブログ:銀座で働くデータサイエンティストのブログ (
著書:手を動かしながら学ぶ ビジネスに活かすデータマイニング (

日本語での詳細情報はQS Tokyoのブログ (をご覧下さい。皆様のご来場をお待ちしております。