Quantified Self Zürich Inaugural Show&Tell!

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Please join us on December 6th for our inaugural meetup - a night of self-tracking presentations, sharing lessons learned, showcasing tools, and meeting other self-trackers.

Finding the room

You should enter the main building (HG) of ETH from the big double doors on the Rämistrasse side, or on the opposite side from the polyterasse. The room is on the G floor (2 floors up from the entrance). From Rämistrasse, as you face HG, it's on the right-side of the building and towards the street. There are maps posted regularly within HG. Feel free to call me (Winslow) at [masked] if you need further assistance.


19:00-19:45 - Apéro. We can meet each other over some drinks and a bit of food.

19:45-20:00 - Winslow Strong (organizer) - Experiments in Diet: Butter, Salt, and Carbohydrates - Winslow will discuss his dietary experiments and their effect on his weight, metabolic rate, and subjective well-being.

20:00-20:15 - Yago Veith (Digital Marketing Communication, QUENTIQ) - QUENTIQ Demo - Yago will show us how to take advantage of the health and fitness platform QUENTIQ (https://www.quentiq.com/).

20:15-20:30 - Thomas Amberg ( http://twitter.com/tamberg ) will talk about a wearable, autonomous camera called SenseCam ( http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/projects/sensecam/ ) and the experience of wearing it all day for eight months.

20:30-21:30 - Informal gadget sharing and social hour. If you have any devices or apps that you are using to gather data on yourself, please bring them to the meetup for this session!

QS Sponsors: Our thanks to QUENTIQ (https://www.quentiq.com/)!

QS Sponsorship and Meetup Costs

We use the sponsor money and meetup donations to cover incidental venue costs, healthy refreshments, as well as to fund projects that help the larger QS community. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring Quantified Self, please let us know (https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&tf=1&to=winslow.strong@gmail.com).