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The function of this group is to provide a platform for discussing ideas of the new age and exploring levels of awareness with love and light as our reference point. Many ideas of Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Extraterrestrial life and influences, Starseed origins, and healing are prime topics that will be discussed. This will take form as small gathering, discussion of various documentaries and literature, and simply sharing love and space in the company of individuals that have a common interest: expansive consciousness.

Refine your discernment skills and understanding to choose your reality. Also, to cultivate compassion for all who show up as we bring something precious and unique to the table.

Topics will be posted soon. If you have a question or suggestion please feel free to post it here or on the Facebook page.

About the Facilitators:

Edward is a practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a licensed massage therapist, and a Bioenergetic Wellness Coach. His passion is in exploring various levels of density and providing bridge for those interested in connecting to their unlimited potential. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and learning with you!

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