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7 Day Detox Retreat

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Price: £700.00 /per person
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Come and transform your life with a Detox Cleanse Retreat.

“The seven day fasting and colon cleansing programme is an integrated system of self purification that combines the benefits of fasting, fibrous intestinal cleansers, nutritional supplements and daily colon irrigation's.

It is a complete programme of blood and tissue detoxification that rejuvenates each and every organ, gland, tissue and cell in the body”

The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity

by Taoist Master and author Daniel Reid

This is based on the original, unique detox cleanse programme developed in 1935 by V.E Irons following his pioneering work on fasting and self-purification to cure his own debilitating condition.

This programme is described in Daniel Reid's books Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity and The Tao of Detox; also described by Dr Bernard Jenson in his Guide to Better Bowel Care, and Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.

This detox programme works at removing years of accumulated, encrusted junk that we carry in our colon, which leads to most of our illnesses.

It is by far the most effective way to remove encrusted toxins from the body,

Many people that have seen the pictures find it hard to believe, but you will see the results for your self if you do the programme with me. I have been following and and guiding people on this programme since 1995. Here are some pictures of my 2006 cleanse along with a video that I made then:

The only other detox retreats where you can do this detox programme and get these results are the "Renew Your Lease on Life" retreats offered by Daniel and Snow Reid, which are currently on hold as the Reid'd have moved from their previous luxury retreat venue in China.

Similar detox retreats are offered at SpaSamui in Ko Samui, Thailand, which was started by a former student of Daniel Reid, but they use local supplements and are not as effective as ours.

The Retreat will include:

• 7 Day/6 night accommodation at Rossetti Lodge

• Expert Guidance through the 7 Day Detox Programme

• Psyllium seed powder and bentonite shakes

• Super Green tablets

• Daily Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions

• Alkaline Ionized Water

• Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy

• Herbal Teas

• Infra Red Saunas

• Herbal Steam

• Yoga and Chi Gung Sessions

• Opportunities for daily sea walks along the beautiful North Kent Coast.

The north Kent Coast has some of the best beaches in the UK, with Thanet having the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in the country:

For more details on effective Detox Protocols, covering Fasting, Cleansing, Ionized Water, Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna's, Herbal Steam and Colonic Hydrotherapy:

For more details of our Holistic Detox Programmes, including supplements, history, daily schedule and FAQ see:

Will I be very hungry?

You will fast for 7 days, but you won't feel hungry as you will take freshly prepared daily shakes made from ionized water, psyllium seed and husk powder and bentonite clay. This will absorb additional water and expand, giving your body bulk, making you will feel full not hungry.

The cleanse shakes will also work as a broom to cleanse colon of toxins. The daily warm water and coffee colonic hydrotherapy sessions will will help remove these from your body.

In addition, we will take super green tablets, that along with ionized water will provide your body all the nutrients and anti-oxidants that it needs.

Venue Renovation

The venue is undergoing some renovation but as you can see from the photos - it is welcoming, cosy, all facilities are ready and the cost is low.


Cost for the 7 Day Retreat: £700, which is over 50% reduction over the normal cost.

This is for shared room accommodation.

Private rooms will be available for an additional daily supplement, depending on numbers.


Please RSVP Yes now and pay by Paypal.

With Love and Best Wishes

James Khan

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