What we're about

Join this group if you are an out of the box mindset that knowsthere is more to life than this physical world we live!
Those that are open and successful in some way, and it does not have to be financially.
You are or want to make an impact serving others, and the greater good
Likely service entrepreneur type and you strive for a greater self and life.
ALSO surely, would love to increase your wealth as it comes in many forms

You are the optimistic person that actually works to see the world in a better light
Join this group if you feel theres something more, if you want to connect when it has been hard to do so.
Been told or know, or wonder if you are a sensative or empath, or if your a lightworker

It resonates with you, this brings us all together in one place to learn more ...

Understanding, utilizing of the metaphysical quantum field, universal laws, and paradigms of perception to improve our physical reality!

This meetup specially focuses on the inner world and how it affects the external physical world. Talks of the intangible and non physical energies as well as our own minds/mindsets.

There will be experiences, clearings, teaching of methods, inner healing, ideas and more shared
As well as quantum connection meditations and networking
Maybe more. Sure it will evolve as we do :)

I would love this to turn into a tribe of like minded people think and understand in a symbiotic way. That are looking to serve others, share and possibly collaborate together

You may also want to join to;
Come find out why your life is stuck, confusing, repeating patterns..
Why you might feel like your sabotaging ..
And how to uplevel your income and life :D
Oh and even smooth your relationship or find a soulmate ;)

Just saying, we all have desires and the meetups in this will assist in getting your desires. Also a safe place to just be accepted and if your anti-social that works in this meetup as well!

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