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We are a thriving group of entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing, mutual support and resources for growing our business. Meet and join other entrepreneurs and independent business owners or others who are considering starting their own business to learn, network and get ideas to grow your business. Our lunch meetings will give you a forum to share your business and vision with others. Join this alive group of individuals who are helping change the landscape of wellness and wealth creation in our country. I encourage you to bring business cards, flyers, promotional materials to share who you are and what you do. Be prepared to share your elevator pitch and don't be surprised if questions or feedback are posed. This is our group and anything goes - within reason! Come have lunch with us...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me direct at amy.alohna@yahoo.com.

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Let's have lunch to get to know one another!

Panera Bread

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