It's a renuion. It's a cookout. It's our annual Grillin’ and Chillin’ Meet & Greet!

Join us for a summer cookout!

Whew – just the words alone should be enough to get ya stomach growling. Let's come eat together like the great chefs the Flintstone & the Rubbles.

Everything has been mark dow

n so bring a covered dish to share!

Doesn't this sound yummy: Try out a few of these combos! What other great ideas can you come up with? Swiss cheese and mushrooms, avocado and bacon with honey mustard tomatoes and onion rings with spicy mayo pineapple and bacon mango and avocado salsa

So let's get busy!

We'll need

Essentials-items for clean-up and storage such as trash bags, plastic storage bags, aluminum foil and plastic storage containers._____ Decorations___ an idea: (think simple "BedRock " brown,orange & creme balloons & maybe a few 4th of July tableware)

Condiments and Seasonings- Napkins,forks,spoons, compost bucket,buns, skewers___ cut-up raw veggies for dipping, lettuce, tomato, pickles,mayo, ketchup, mustard relish,____

Food and Drinks- Iced Tea___ Bottle water___Lemonade___

Deviled eggs___Summer Salad___Corn On The Cob___BBQ baked beans___ Pecan Pie___ Chicken___Turkey____ Veggie/Soy___Potato Salad___

"Other"__ CupsX (let's be green friendly & bring your own eatery )

8-10 watermelons____ chips, cookies, bars___

When procuring your selected item. Base your head count on rsvp's. Need help? Contact me, Kelle[masked]

Just for our babies-They can be the dessert chefs, we'll put plain cupcakes on a table wit

h lots of candies, frostings, sprinkles etc let them be artistic while being out of the way and they feel like they are contributing.

Other activities: Board games (

Print these Coloring Sheets ( for your sweetie!

Let me know what you want to bring together we will have a GREAT DAY!

Bring along the swim suits and camera!

Oh yeah, be comfy,wear your Flintstone best. It's a cookout ya'll!