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Ron Litchman on "New York Libertarian Party At A Crossroads"

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Join us on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. at Takara Sushi located at[masked]th Avenue, Whitestone, New York to hear Ron Litchman speak on the topic of "New York Libertarian Party At A Crossroads: Will Obtaining 'Ballot Access' Make It A Real Political Party."

The NYLP, last November, obtained the 50,000 votes for governor required to become a "recognized party," entitling it to put its candidates on New York State ballots for the next four years, without collecting thousands of signatures to qualify for ballot access.

What will the Party become, with its new status? It stands at a crossroads -

Down one road, the party can leverage its newly minted"recognized party" status to broaden its appeal, secularize its message, and engage in the give-and-take that is the nature of electoral politics. That means accepting compromise to achieve intermediate goals, joining forces with like-minded fellow citizens on common ground, demonstrating an ability to govern by addressing real issues with practical non-dogmatic, solutions.

But down the other road, where the party's Old Guard seems set to go - is a party increasingly sectarian, more rigidly dogmatic. It's mission is to defend ideological "principles," not promote practical governmental solutions to voters' problems. Emblematic of its self-imposed isolation, the party is adopting a rule that only registered Libertarians may be nominated or endorsed.

Standing at the crossroads, the NYLP is presented these existential questions: What is the function of a real political party? Which path leads to actually winning elections?


He will speak for 45 minutes followed by 45 minutes of interactive conversation. Many educated and experienced people are being invited to participate in the discussion. Individuals from the Queens Libertarians, America First, Stonewall Libertarians and other groups are being invited to this inspirational talk on the future of America.

While we will pass the hat, there is no mandatory donation. However, all attendees must purchase $10.00 in food and drink over the two hour period. There is street parking and a reasonably priced parking lot across the street. You can travel there by taking the Q15A bus out of Main Street, Flushing (7 Subway Line) (which will let you off on the corner of 150th Street & 14th Avenue) or by taking the Q76 bus from either the 165th Street Bus Terminal or from the subway station at Jamaica Avenue & 179th Street (you should get off at the corner of Cross Island Parkway & 150th Street & walk to 14th Avenue).


Ron Litchman served as Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party for two terms, 2016 until 2018, served on the State Committee of the New York State Libertarian Party, and chaired a special Platform Reform sub-committee for the State Committee, which unfortunately, refused to embrace any platform reform. (But it did take the existing platform down from its website.)

He is a "recovered" litigator whose libertarian proclivities came to the fore when he was experiencing world-class bureaucracy first hand, while serve as Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York.

He's often urged fellow libertarians: "Don't just make noice. Make a difference," and admits of some frustration with those who seem to be satisfied just making noise.

Ron writes "The Libertarian Light" column, and is a roundtable panelist, at Political

And in his remaining spare time, he's an active capitalist: The portfolio manager and registered investment advisor of his boutique advisory firm "The Telescopic Investor," whose motto is "Investing with Eyes on the Stars, Feet on the Ground."