StarAi Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

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Deep Reinforcement Learning has been responsible for some of the most recent breakthroughs in Machine Learning, from AlphaGo to Dota but also has tremendous commercial application potential. From reducing Google’s data centres cooling costs by 40% to autonomous car navigation, the applications of RL will continue to increase.

StarAi is a three day intensive Deep Reinforcement learning course commencing on Wednesday the 20th of March, running through to Friday the 22rd of March 2019.

Attendees of the course can expect to learn:

The Epsilon Greedy Algorithm
Markov Decision Processes & Dynamic Programming
Monto Carlo Sampling, Temporal Difference Learning
Tabular Q methods
Deepminds DQN Algorithm

What we’re looking for:

You are comfortable with basic linear algebra. It’s fine if you have to brush up on these skills before course commencement.

You are comfortable programming in Python (other languages are helpful, but you’ll spend the program writing in Python).

Having prior experience with Neural Networks & Deep Learning would definitely help. StarAi recommends,, CS231n or a University equivalent.