What we're about

Dear people of the Forgotten Realms,

We are two female adventurers who wander through the dangerous wastelands of Brighton on the search for a GM and fellow fellows.
We are new to this universe and our expertise layeth in video and board games… Until now.

If you are as queer as they come and have seen at least 25 winter come and go then please send us a pigeon to signalise your interest.
Pronouns matter and we want to play in an environment free of questions like "...but who is the man in your lesbian relationship? So bi means you haven't decided yet? Are you a man or a woman?"
Also, we are professionals with a busy life and bi-weekly (once every two weeks) gaming sessions either in the evening or at the weekend would suit us the best.
To keep things civilised and orderly, all sessions will be alcohol free…except for fictitious dwarven ale.

We are hoping for a group of six; us two, the GM and three more explorer in a newbie-friendly, inclusive and diverse environment. Having that said, a somewhat experienced GM to guide us through the journey would be great.

Just so you got a rough idea of who we are: we are a married couple in their late twens and somewhat mid to early late thirties *cough*, we both go by her/she, don't eat meat and have three cats (yes, stereotype boxes have been ticked!) and a healthy obsession for games and graphic novels.

Well, that's that then. Let's see what comes of it…

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