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Our name says it all. In July 2015 we made our first beer as a group and it was amazing to have more than 20 queers show up! We want more people to come share in our love of homebrewing. Queers Makin' Beers is a community of queers teaching one another how to make their own beers while drinking beers we've made. We think it's necessary to create spaces free of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, ableism, xenophibia, transphobia and judgement. We hold spaces for our community to thrive and support one another. Since our inception, QMB has developed into a rapidly growing group of queer folks who know how to have a great time and put together brew days that are educational, super relaxed, and fun. Everyone has a voice in the group, access to brew equipment, and encouragement from people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the art of making brew. Some arrive with incredible skills but most of us have learned what we know in our time as a QMB member. We also have chapter in Bend, Oregon and Stuart, Florida! We typically brew once each month and host social events where we spend time together and plan future events. There are many opportunities to engage outside of brewing; we make label art, enter homebrew competitions, make our own shirts, and go on beer-related adventures. Members can totally bring a not-queer plus one or two to any event. All members must be over the age of 21. Join us and start making beer!

Instagram: @queers_makin_beers, @qmb_bend, @queersmakinbeerstc #QueersMakinBeers

Web: http://queersmakinbeers.com

Email: queersmakinbeers@gmail.com

Upcoming events (5+)

Casual Happy Hour

Lost & Found Beer Garden

Join a small group of beer lovers for good beers, some unique, and good snacks. No need to RSVP necessarily. Hope to see you there!

Road Trip to visit Kate and QMB Bend, OR

We're planning a road trip to visit Bend, Oregon! Co-Founder Kate Summerill has recently moved to Bend and started a new chapter of QMB. We'll go visit and sample the many amazing beers in and around Bend. Maybe even brew a beer?! The date is somewhat tentative. We discussed "late July" and Kate has confirmed that July 19-21 works. The drive from Berkeley is about 8 hours. Let's discuss details, and make plans. Please feel free to comment about: * dates that work for you * departure time * if you have a vehicle/can offer rides * return time

Beginner Brew Day

Oak Barrel Winecraft


Have you been wondering what magic conjuring the lead brewers are doing every brew day? Maybe you want to brush up your brew skills in anticipation of the club brew comp. Or maybe you just want to get comfortable brewing so you can brew on your own. Enter the Beginner Brew Day. Brew a beer with a small group and learn the whole process from recipe selection to packaging. Walk away with a 6-pack of finished beer to call your own We will: • meet up at the Brew store (Oak Barrel Winecraft) • pick a recipe together and grab ingredients • go back to Emily's, clean, and sanitize • Brew!! • clean up afterwards Three weeks after the brew day, we will meet back up to package the beer into bottles and/or kegs. THE FINE PRINT This is a two-part event. We will schedule the second part to work for everyone, but please only sign up if you are committed to both parts. So that everyone will be able to get active brew time, I limit this event to 5 people. Cost is $10 towards ingredients and supplies (propane, ice, etc.). Because of the small size and popularity of these events, I will ask for confirmation and payment via paypal/venmo before moving people from "waitlist" to "going." Please make sure you include your email when you sign up. Refunds will be given for anyone cancelling at least a week in advance. There will be some minimal homework. Everyone will also be expected to be an active participant in a successful brew day and take part in the whole day from 10:00am to approximately 6pm. (Rebecca always makes it look real easy, but all that prep and clean up she does takes awhile!)

In Club Comp BREW DAY!

Rebecca and Emma's House

Three teams of at least 2 people each will each make a beer. You do not need to have any experience to join a team. The beers will be judged by many many people at Queersgiving in mid-November. This is for the trophy, the glory, the pats on the back. Money raised by serving these beers is donated to the Queersgiving charity. It's a competition, but we all help one another out. We want all the beers to be great. Beers Must: ferment at 67 degrees have a yeast starter be open to criticism Teams Must: brew have at least one inexperienced member return to meet any special needs of your beer keg your beer by first week of November

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QMB Brunch!

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