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A queer night out with no alcohol. Whether you have never drunk alcohol, have given up, considering moderating or mindful drinking, or just want a less boozy social night out, then this is the place for you. We are a lovely mix of LGBTQI+ people from all kinds of backgrounds.

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Alcohol-Free Pride Cocktail Party

Online event

Join us for a fantastic Alcohol-Free Pride Party with Binary Botanicals and The Wise Bartender!

We have co-created an original range of alcohol-free cocktails inspired by the queer icons nominated by our members. When you join us for this live event, our marvellous mixologist, Marco Nardi, will show you how to mix these new iconic drinks perfectly in your own home!

Our event is FREE but you will need to order the Club Soda Pride Celebration ‘Rainbow Cocktail Box’ from The Wise Bartender who will deliver it directly to your door!

We should all be released from lockdown so the Club Soda team will be together and making a mess, and Marco will be mixing for his friends so why not get three or four mates over for a sober night of fun, with some nibbles, plus you can split the cost of the box. However, it works just as well if you’re on your own as we’ll all be on screen together as well.
Binary and The Wise Bartender have worked really hard to bring the box down to the lowest price they can whilst covering costs and are offering it for £19.99 just for us and just for Pride.

Don’t forget to order your box in time for the event and plenty of ice!
The box takes between 2-5 days to arrive

Go to our website for more details

Or register on this Zoom link:

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