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Whats Your Story? A fun exploration through phototherapy
Each one of us has a story. We wake up with it in the morning, and usually without noticing, it walks with us throughout the day. Our story is present everywhere. In the variety of our relationships, in our ambitions, in our actions. It is what we tell about our life and our reality. It is what we tell about ourselves to ourselves and to others. Facilitated by The Quest Co-Founder, Adé Adéniji, “My Photo Album” is a playful, deep and inspirational workshop. Using ‘Points of You® ’ phototherapy tools and methodology, the session gives us the opportunity to tell our story from a different point of view. This is a fascinating process of searching, which travels through images, words, flips over, divides, connects and plays with the different parts of our story - it makes us look at it from a new place and discover surprising insights. Learning outcomes: - An opportunity to meet yourselves and the ones around you from a new angle, which enables observing your life from new points of view and experience true and authentic communication. - An opportunity to rewrite and retell an aspect of your story, whilst setting the path for creating a new ending. - Play and have fun! This workshop can be connected to every subject. Using a series of Points of You® photographs and other aides, the ‘photo album’ which you’ll create during the workshop can be the photo album of whatever theme you choose to explore - relationships, career, health, family..... and much much more. So bring along your curiosity, sense of adventure and playfulness for an insightful and fun session!

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What we're about

Gay men are beginning to ask themselves some profound and fundamental questions -

'Why does my life feel dissatisfying?’

'Surely there is more to life than wild weekends that leave me back at square one?’

'Why are my relationships breaking down?’

'Why am I repeating the same old destructive patterns in my life?’

‘How can I start to create the life I always imagined?’

‘Can I have deep and meaningful conversations with a group of gay men?’

'Is there more to life than this?’

What is The Quest?

Founded by Ade Adeniji and Darren Brady, The Quest takes gay men on a journey into a powerfully different way of living, free from the constraints of the past and unleashed to the possibility of the present. From here possibilities are endless and include -

Establishing intimate loving relationships

Living each moment full of vitality

Making conscious choices in day-to-day life

Living a creative life full of self discovery

Being more congruent in the different aspects of life

Experiencing a rich, considered and balanced life

Expressing who they are in the world

Journeying with a community of other gay men

Simply put, the mission of The Quest is - To transform the relationships gay men have with themselves, others and the world they inhabit.

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