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Gay men are beginning to ask themselves some profound and fundamental questions -

'Why does my life feel dissatisfying?’

'Surely there is more to life than wild weekends that leave me back at square one?’

'Why are my relationships breaking down?’

'Why am I repeating the same old destructive patterns in my life?’

‘How can I start to create the life I always imagined?’

‘Can I have deep and meaningful conversations with a group of gay men?’

'Is there more to life than this?’

What is The Quest?

Founded by Ade Adeniji and Darren Brady, The Quest takes gay men on a journey into a powerfully different way of living, free from the constraints of the past and unleashed to the possibility of the present. From here possibilities are endless and include -

Establishing intimate loving relationships

Living each moment full of vitality

Making conscious choices in day-to-day life

Living a creative life full of self discovery

Being more congruent in the different aspects of life

Experiencing a rich, considered and balanced life

Expressing who they are in the world

Journeying with a community of other gay men

Simply put, the mission of The Quest is - To transform the relationships gay men have with themselves, others and the world they inhabit.

For more information about The Quest, visit - www.thequestawaitsyou.com (http://www.thequestawaitsyou.com/)

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