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I was born in India and when I came to US, I realized how bland American food was. (Well.. compared to flavor-packed Indian food)

So I ended up cooking mostly at home. Indian food can get elaborate. And as a busy professional, I really was always on a run.

Eventually I developed my own derived recipes, which give you all the flavors from India, but aren't as elaborate as Indian cooking. If you want to learn to make Indian food as quick meals, you should join my meetup...

Meals will range from all Vegan, to vegetarian with dairy, to meats like chicken, turkey, goat, lamb, fish and shrimp.

I do not cook cow or pig based meats; although I can't think of a reason why these principles cant be applied to those meats too.

Disclaimers - My food will taste like homemade food from India, not restaurant style food here in San Diego. Resturants use heavy cream and lavish additives that I tend to avoid.
Also restaurant food is labor intensive, I am a quick cook-eat-go kinda person.
Our end goal is NOT to recreate restaurant style food but to create a favor-packed food
Basic cooking skills would be a nice to have but not a necessity.

Past events (23)

Let’s make Aloo Gobi & Red Lentils

Viejas Arena - Aztec Bowl

Let’s make Spicy Shrimp Masala

Fashion Valley

We are making SAMOSAS! (on popular demand!!)

Needs a location

Let’s make Aloo Tikki & Fried Cauliflower

Needs a location


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