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Hope and Faith (Conference Call)

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Dr Sultan Abdulhameed will discuss the following verses:

Sura 15 Aya 56

And who but those who have gone astray abandon hope of the Lord’s mercy?
All of us can find ourselves in situations where we face daunting obstacles. You or someone you love can be severely ill, your business or career can be in a crisis, or you can be badly hurt by people you love. There are people who have been wrongfully arrested and put in prison for long periods of time. There are women who have been abandoned by their husbands and left with children to raise. You feel like you have fallen into a well and there is no way to climb out.
What do you do in this situation? How do you view such a situation? This aya points out that it is a mistake to feel hopeless. Hope is another word for faith. Hope means believing that from every crisis some good will emerge, and it does for those who keep hope alive under all circumstances.
The nature of hope will be discussed in our meeting, as well as methods for staying hopeful in distressful situations