R-Lab #4 - Shiny Milano: (Almost) ready to go! Finalization time

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Hello everybody! We’re here to announce our fourth R-Lab! Our beautiful app is now almost ready to shine; it just needs some last adjustments. With your participation, of course!

For those of you who lost track of our project, here’s a fast recap: we realized a R Shiny app that allows citizens to visualize and explore the city revenues and spending info. We used the municipality budget data that the Assessorato alla Partecipazione, Cittadinanza Attiva e Open Data of the Comune di Milano kindly allowed us to access. Together, we discussed and designed the app, and after the work of a whole day it finally came to life! The whole Comune was enthusiastic of our work and they’re thinking of adding it to the official website. Actually, the Budget director Roberto Colangelo has presented our work at a meeting with the Budget directors of other big European cities, the 1st of June. Kind of a big success, isn’t it?

Our next goal is to display the app at the Giornata della Trasparenza di Milano (“the Openness Day”), the 1st of October. We’re actually not sure if we can do it, because there’s so little time and so much work to do, but we’re staying positive and resolute! We need all the help we can get, so be sure to be at Mikamai, the 19th of September!

This is the Shinyapp so far, if you want to take a glimpse: https://r-lab-milano.shinyapps.io/bilancio-milano4/

This is the related Github repo: https://github.com/r-lab-milano/r-lab3-shinyMilano

The final version of the app at the moment is in the integration-and-cleaning branch, here: https://github.com/r-lab-milano/r-lab3-shinyMilano/tree/integration-and-cleaning

We need to:

• Homogenize the app

• Almost each section reads a different dataset: we need to write a unique cleaning process, and use the cleaned data everywhere

• The sidebar use is not consistent between panels

• Less important: homogenize the coding style

• Verify that everything we represent is right and correctly explained

• Last chance to add further development (eg the Sankey diagram)

Finishing everything in just 3 hours will be very hard: if you want to start to contribute to the final rush, Slack is still the headquarter: https://r-lab-milano.slack.com . Hope to see you there!

Don’t worry if you’re new to R or you’re just unfamiliar with these tools: every day’s a school day. More expert users can share their experience with you and you can share your ideas and learn by doing. So don’t be afraid, and get your hands on code!


18:45 : Meeting at Mikamai

19:00 : Let’s start to work!

19:30 : Get a pizza (for those who want it)

19:45 : Working together while eating the pizza.

The goal is: to improve the Shiny app and make it ready to be spread.

22:00 : Greetings and see you soon!

A bit more about the proposer - Comune di Milano

The Comune di Milano, well, there’s no need of explanations. The event is promoted by the Assessorato alla Partecipazione, Cittadinanza attiva e Open Data: if you want to know more about this peculiar office, here there’s an interesting article (http://www.radicali.it/rubriche/amministrazione-aperta/partecipazione-cittadinanza-attiva-open-data-cioe/), written by the Assessore Lipparini himself. We developed together the idea of these two R-Labs, to satisfy the need of translating the city budget into an understandable and visual way: then they involved the Assessorato al Bilancio, to have their insights, suggestions and field knowledge.

Who is this event for

Either you are an R expert, a basic user or just curious, you are welcome! The R-Lab is a space for learning and sharing knowledge, working together on a challenging goal.

If you are an expert of budget and budget planning, you are welcome as well! We appreciate your contribution about the meaning of what we are doing :)

What to bring

Be sure to bring your own computer, possibly with the latest version of RStudio.

Where to go

We will be hosted by Mikamai and LinkMe in their location, in Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 (very close to the Pasteur metro station).

The doorbell is Mikamai: when you enter, go straight, cross the inner courtyard of the building, you will face a metal door with a sheet with Mikamai written. The office is the last (and only) floor.