• Partner Event: KSU R Day!

    KSU Center

    * Note this is an event hosted by Kennesaw State. RSVPing on Meetup *DOES NOT* register your for the event. This is merely an announcement to our members. Registration, directions, and additional details may be found on the KSU R Day website (http://ccpe.kennesaw.edu/rday). If you have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ferguson at [masked]. Kennesaw State University’s Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences is pleased to present the seventh annual KSU R Day to celebrate undergraduate and graduate analytics students’ work in R. This event will feature poster presentations of students’ analytics research and guest speakers discussing evolving trends in analytics and data science. Our event is sponsored by The Southern Company and JRi Solutions. KSU R Day will introduce our students to analytics practitioners, allow them to begin building their professional network, and give them a look at real-world careers available to them in analytics. Students will have the opportunity to discuss collaborative projects with local businesses and R users. This event provides organizations with a platform to meet students at all levels who are considering careers in advanced analytics. There is no fee to attend this event, but we do request that you register online on or before November 14th at noon. Registration, directions, and additional details may be found on the KSU R Day website (http://ccpe.kennesaw.edu/rday). If you have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ferguson at [masked].

  • Guest Speaker: Andrie de Vries - Taking TensorFlow into Production

    Bio: Andrie is a Solutions Engineer at RStudio, where he helps customers and partner with their deployment of R as an analytical environment. He started using R in 2009 for market research statistics and joined Revolution analytics in 2013, where he helped customers with their challenges in adopting R for machine learning. After the acquisition of Revolution analytics by Microsoft in 2015, he worked with customers on their implementation of neural network and machine learning projects. He joined RStudio during 2017. He is co-author of "R for dummies" and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. Topic: How we deployed TensorFlow in production at RStudio Abstract: RStudio funds it’s large investment in open source R by selling pro products (RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect) to enterprise customers. Customers have access to premium support, managed using the Zendesk support system. We used TensorFlow to classify support tickets, and we put the model into production using TensorFlow server and plumber APIs, deployed to RStudio Connect. In this talk I will discuss lessons learnt and future ideas.

  • Atlanta (Beginner) R Users August Meetup

    Experience LLC

    Welcome to our August Meetup! This month we are focusing our talks on people who are new to R or are looking to find ways to break in! My goal is that the talks will be informative to everyone but the focus will be on getting started with R. The schedule is as follows: 7:00 - 7:20: Food and Welcome 7:20 - 8:00: Getting From The Basics to Linear Models in R - Matthew Turner 8:00 - 8:35: Replacing Your Excel Workflows with R - Matt Mills Speaker Bios: - Matthew Turner is a research scientist in the department of psychology, and the research and technology mentor for the Center for Information, Modeling and Simulation; both at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He holds master’s degrees in applied mathematics (MA, Cal State University) and Theoretical and Applied Statistics (MS, Rutgers University), with an emphasis on mathematical modeling and statistical computing. He is also trained in the social sciences and psychology (MA, PhD; University of California) with research work in EEG, perception, psychiatric disorders, text mining, machine learning, and terrorism analysis. - Matt Mills is the organizer of the R User Group and is really looking for more speakers ;) If you know anyone, including yourself, that would like to present at an upcoming meetup please let me know! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • Atlanta R Users June Meetup

    1 Atlantic Center

    Our monthly meetup this month will be held at the KPMG Ignition Offices in Midtown! 7:00 - 7:20: Snacks and Networking 7:20 - 7:25: Intro and Welcome by Matt Mills 7:25 - 8:00: Introduction to Reproducible Research using R, RStudio, and R Markdown by Rob Stilson 8:00 - 8:35: ggplot extensions by Matt Mills Speakers: Rob is a Sr. Human Capital Analyst with Lockheed Martin on the Employee Experience & Engagement team specializing in Employee Life Cycle Analytics and qualitative and quantitative Survey Analysis. Before joining Lockheed Martin, he was the Director, Research and Test Development for TalentQuest, providing test and simulation creation for clients along with survey and ROI analysis. Preceding TQ, he was the Senior Manager, Research and Development for FurstPerson where he created computer adaptive and static tests for various clients. Additionally, he has experience as a freelance consultant providing reporting automation and testing expertise to various clients. Dr. Stilson earned his B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia and his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida and. He is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Parking Directions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1urzr3liHxEDo6StT1lReYCkT2uDxvE-r2s-c5NXWLcI/edit?usp=sharing Please RSVP as space is limited.

  • Atlanta R Users May Meetup

    Axis Group LLC

    Our monthly meetup this month will be held at the Axis Group offices in Sandy Springs. For those of us who work in Midtown or Buckhead this event is MARTA accessible! The schedule is as follows: 7:00 - 7:20: Food and Networking 7:20 - 7:25: Intro and Welcome by Matt Mills 7:25 - 8:00: Building and deploying a Static Site using Blogdown and Netlify by Jonathan Lamberts 8:00 - 8:35: Your first R package in 30 minutes by Jay Lee Speakers: Jonathan Lamberts is a Data Scientist at Axis Group and a MS CS student at Georgia Tech. He enjoys exploring and analyzing data using R and Python, playing around with reinforcement learning, and trying out new technologies of all kinds. He occasionally blogs on https://jonathanlamberts.com. Jay Lee is a senior data scientist at AT&T. He likes to talk about data science workflow, R programming, and UNC men’s basketball. He blogs at https://joongsup.rbind.io and is the maintainer of an R data package uncmbb that contains UNC men’s basketball team’s match results. Jay has asked that attendees please take this survey to help him determine people's familiarity with developing R packages: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5H9FL6W In addition he would like to make people aware that his presentation going to be a hands-on session specifically in RStudio and for anyone interested in following along to please install Rstudio and the devtools and roxygen2 packages before the event to make things as run as smoothly as possible. Please RSVP as space is limited.

  • April Atlanta R Users Meetup

    Experience LLC

    Welcome to our first Monthly Recurring Meetup! Food and beverage will be served and the schedule is as follows: 7:00 - 7:20: Pizza and Networking 7:20 - 7:30: Welcome to the Atlanta R Users Group 7:30 - 8:00: How to speed up and improve your model fitting with h2o.ai - Matt Mills 8:00 - 8:30: Shiny: When, Why, and Example Apps - Andy Merlino Andy Merlino Bio: "I own an R and Shiny consulting company (Tychobra). We build cool stuff with R and Shiny. I caught the R bug in early 2012 and the Shiny bug shortly there after; I have been an extreme R­ enthusiast ever since. Before starting Tychobra, I worked as an actuarial analyst and R/Shiny developer at a large consulting firm. I led the firm’s initiative to increase internal R adoption and sell Shiny apps to clients. Besides data analytics and web development, I follow Elon Musk and his companies closely (some would say too closely), and I try to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. I became an uncle last week!" I hope you all are as excited to get this group back up and running as I am. Please share this meetup with any of your friends or colleagues who may be interested.

  • KSU R Day 2017

    KSU Center

    The Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences at KSU would like to invite you to join us for the SIXTH annual KSU R Day on Friday, November 17th, 2017. The event starts with student poster presentations at 8:30am, followed by analytics experts discussing their use of R on the front lines of data analytics at 10am. The event concludes around noon (ish) with the announcement of student poster prize winners. Registration, directions, and more details are available on the R Day website (http://ccpe.kennesaw.edu/rday/ ). NOTE: You must register on the R Day website to be registered for the event! This year's R Day is made possible by the generous donation of our COMMAND level sponsors Southern Company© and Crown & Caliber©, and CODE level sponsors Crawford & Company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and JRi Solutions. We hope to see you at R Day on Friday, November 17th! Please contact Dr. Nicole Ferguson ([masked]) if you have any questions!

  • Machine Learning Services with SQL Server 2017 (Intermediate)

    This talk is produced by the Atlanta Microsoft BI Users' Group, but the R Users Group members are invited to attend. Please also RSVP at http://atlantabi.pass.org/ if you plan to eat. SQL Server 2017 introduces Machine Learning Services with two independent technologies: R and Python. (Though this presentation has also Python, there will be plenty of material on R and how R is operationalized with SQL Server.) The purpose of this presentation is 1) to describe major features of this technology for technology managers; 2) to outline use cases for architects; and 3) to provide demos for developers and data scientists. At the end of the talk we will have a giveaway drawing including some R tshirts. NOTE: Please bring your parking ticket in -- you will need to have the guard validate it so you may park for free in the parking deck. Reading for the advanced attendee: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/machinelearning/2017/06/15/data-science-walkthrough-with-sql-server-2017-and-microsoft-machine-learning-services/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/advanced-analytics/getting-started-with-machine-learning-services Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. is Lead Data Scientist for Microsoft Services: Data and Artificial Intelligence, Center of Excellence. He has been a team organizer for the Atlanta Microsoft Business Intelligence users' group for years, and has been involved in Atlanta's technical community for almost 20 years. He earned his doctorate from Georgia Tech, and connects with people on LinkedIn and Twitter @marktabnet.

  • Intro to sparklyr

    5 Concourse Pkwy #1200

    sparklyr is an exciting new package from RStudio for accessing the Spark API through R. Jim Crozier, an open source solutions engineer at IBM and long time R user and enthusiast, will present this new platform with use cases. The presentation will cover: - Spark distributed programming platform - Using R to interface with Spark through dplyr and sparklyr - Accessing a freely available Spark environment through datascience.ibm.com

  • KSU R Day 2016

    KSU Center

    The Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences at Kennesaw State University would like to invite you to the fifth annual “KSU R Day” to celebrate undergraduate and graduate statistics students’ work in R. This event will serve as a regional meeting for the analytics and R community that links the applied statistics program at KSU with businesses and organizations that use analytics and applied statistics. Everyone is welcome, so spread the word! “KSU R Day” will feature student poster presentations of their R-based research and provides R users from across the region with an opportunity to meet KSU students at all levels who are considering careers in advanced analytics. “KSU R Day” will also feature speakers from Southern Company and the CDC discussing big data analytics. This year KSU R Day is sponsored by Southern Company® and Microsoft®. The event will take place on Friday, November 18, 2016, from 8:30am – noon at KSU Center in Kennesaw, GA. Registration, directions, and additional details may be found on the KSU R Day website (http://ccpe.kennesaw.edu/rday). There is no fee to attend this event, but we do request you register online on or before November 16th at 5pm. We look forward to seeing you at KSU R Day!