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Special January 2015 Meeting

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Joseph R.


Come join Dirk Eddelbuettel and a cast of characters including Louis Bajuk-Yorgan, Michael Kane and Simon Urbanek for an introduction to Rcpp and an evening of R conversation at the Trianon Theatre (


6:30 pizza and networking
7:00 Michael Kane - Lightning talk
7: 15 DIrk Eddelbuettel - An Introduction to Rcpp
7:55 Bryan Lewis - Demo of htmlwidgets (
8:10 Mikhail Kozine - GBM Modeling with R and SkyTree
8: 25 Gabe Becker - The switchr package
8: 40 Louis Bajuk-Yorgan - Real Time Applications using the R language

Open Discussion


Dirk Eddelbuettel
An Introduction to Rcpp

Dirk will discuss how the Rcpp package provides R functions as well as C++ classes to offer a seamless integration of R and C++. Rcpp makes it easy to map many R data types back and forth to C++ equivalents. This facilitates writing new code as well as easier integration of third-party libraries. Dirk will demonstrate the simple interactive use of short C++ statements and functions.


Bryan Lewis
htmlwidgets for R

Bring the best of JavaScript data visualization to R


Mikhail Kozine
GBM Modeling with R and SkyTree

SkyTree is a machine learning product that can make modeling much faster compared to the standard R packages, both on a single server and on Hadoop cluster. According to the proof-of-concept project performed by Allstate, the GBM models can be created 30-90 times faster (depending on data size and the cluster configuration) without loss of quality.


Gabe Becker

Different tasks in R call for different package versions: devel from GitHub or other SCM when developing against it, old versions from the CRAN Archive (or SCM) when reproducing existing results, specific versions (current or old) used by all participants in collaborations, etc. The switchr package provides a unified framework for managing and working with package cohorts, including automatic retrieval and installation of specified package versions; lightweight, reproducible publication of package cohorts; and convenient management of multiple, side-by-side package libraries.


Louis Bajuk-Yorgan
Real Time Applications using the R language
A brief overview of real-time applications with TIBCO and R

72 North 5th Street · San Jose, CA
10 spots left