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Hello and welcome to R.A.D.

Here is a little bit about who we are~

R.A.D. stands for radical and diverse. While those words can have many meanings, here, they mean complete, comprehensive, wide-ranging variety. This a safe and neutral place for homeschoolers of all religious preferences and educational philosophies.

Ages~We are an all age group, however, most of our member’s energy is currently focused on our core age group which happens to be around 9-16. The ages of our members will continue to grow and change as our community expands and will flourish where seeds are planted and tended. We encourage our families to share in this process.

Location~ Our members are diverse in many ways, including our locations. We are spread out from Rescue to Vacaville, Elk Grove to Rocklin, however, most of our events will occur within 20 minutes of Sacramento.

Nuts~ We are a peanut free group. We strive to keep everyone in our community safe and being peanut free helps us do that.

Most of us join a group looking for community, support, friendships, educational opportunities, socialization (snicker, snicker), ability to go to, or plan field trips that need more bodies than your family size. Yep, we do that and so much more.

Our families are known to plan everything from our monthly fun and easy hang out days to week long, out of town group excursions. We like fun and easy, but most of us seasoned homeschoolers have a hankering for a little more. So, we teach classes, have STEM challenges, cook together, do overnight living history, host holiday celebrations, dances, student government meetings, yearbook committee, Mom’s night out, etc. Our community extends beyond school hours. We take trips together, have family outings, and date nights because our bonds strengthen when the whole family is involved and included.

We are able to do all these things and more because we have members who are truly invested in enriching all of our children’s lives. Like any prospering community, everybody pitches in a bit and a lot comes out of it. Many of the events we do are highly involved and take many hands to make them happen. We simply will not thrive without the support of our members. What does this mean for you? Help where you can. Everything done to share the load has value. Whether it is bringing supplies, helping set or clean up, sharing ideas, hosting, co-hosting, and sometimes it means simply showing up.

If you have been referred or invited to join and you like what you have heard and read about us so far please follow the join now link below and complete a member profile.

Along with your first and last name, we need a picture of your beautiful face on your R.A.D. profile. A recent, up close picture, please. This way we know who we are looking for at events.

One of the members of our support team will contact you (usually) within a few days, so keep an eye out for a response in MEETUP MESSAGES.

Annual dues are $12, due prior to approval. Dues help fund the Meetup site.

We use Paypal exclusively for transactions that require payment (dues, field trips, class fees, etc.).

Dues are good through June 2019.

Once these steps are complete, you will have full access to the calendar and be free to start attending events regularly.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an invested member of the R.A.D. community.

We look forward to seeing you soon~

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