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Strategic $2.1M Plan!
What to EXPECT: "Truth". FAILURE molded this $2.1M experience. ---AGENDA: Intro. Meet & Greet and ENJOY a good laugh, EAT, become HUMAN and CONNECT with a 5-10min game. ---TOPIC: Dissect the TOP 3 CORE fundamental puzzle pieces to "this" $2.1M Plan. >>>>>READER BEWARE: This is not "a" get rich scheme, implement 3 steps and you get results. ABSOLUTELY NOT! It takes a whole lot of backbone, hustle, and creating a profound relationship with FAILURE. For a Hispanic Minority Female, this was FAR from a ride in the PARK. I grew a few mental callouses, to say the least.<<<<<< I will provide an abundance of QUALITY techniques, strategies, video content, website information that help shape this $2.1M Plan into existence. The coolest part of it ALL, with a cheezy smile on my face, I have to ADMIT it's SUPER FUN. After so many lessons of teaching in white conference rooms, I had to change the WAY material was BEING TAUGHT. I did, just that! I LOVE to teach, I'm a listener at heart and it always creates a fruitful experience. So, leave the paper & pen at HOME! FYI: Don't worry. Those who attend will receive a PDF an email with all the content that was provided for your records. Watch Video: Mental callous shaped me. Do you have an experience that has shaped you in your Entrepreneur Journey? Please share. This video will be the discussion of the MEETUP for the first 30 minutes and followed by a group exercise to teach you the 3 pieces to the puzzle that created momentum. In order to build wealth, one must have a SOLID FOUNDATION.

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What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in having a "Red Table Talk" conversation for Houston Entrepreneurship.

This seven years of transformation has allowed me to manifest & generating $2.1 Million dollars in Sales within 6 months this year alone.

I've seen clients get frustrated and giving up on their business, staying stagnant, to completely floored when unveiling the raw truth to their current situation.

I love teaching so much, I can't even tell you. The style of my teaching is to provoke deep thoughts, think outside the box, creating LIGHTBULB moments and engage with everyone regardless of the size of the class.

I don't teach; you learn.

The Overall Vision:
#1. Invite existing Business Owners as a guest to our MEETUP PLATFORM for a "Red Table Talk" to share, be transparent, and vulnerable enough to answer those difficult questions of their business success and failures.

#2. Creating a platform for our own MEMBERS for a "Red Table Talk" discussion, share experiences of losing momentum, feeling lost and don't know what direction to take your company, struggling with managing partners, employees, and create organic truthful core conversations on why and how to reach full potential.

#3. Increase your profitability, visibility and importantly capitalize on "YOU".

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