3/6 - Intentional Communication - How to communicate effectively

Real Estate Marketing Toronto #REMarkTO
Real Estate Marketing Toronto #REMarkTO
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This is the third of six part series that we have been working on producing for you, our valued members. In the first two parts, we talked about having a purpose and vision for your business which has been successful in getting some of you to stop and gain perspective of what you're doing and put a plan in place about where you would like to go.

In this meeting, David and I will review the power of effective communication. We will break down the process of how we respond to questions and will provide insights and tools that you can use to become, what we call, intentional communicator.

This will allow you to really cut through the fluff when dealing with prospects and drive you towards a pre-determined goal you've set for yourself. Not only will this help you make more contacts and grow your business, it will also help you when dealing with current clients and help you close more.

As always, this is open to all our members free of charge thanks in part to our sponsor, Agent Locator, which allows us to broadcast it live via YouTube and in part to the efforts of my co-host David Chomitz for his generosity with his time to travel from Cobourg and meet with me in Toronto and creating this content.

If you've missed our previous meetups, you can watch them at the link below. You can also catch us live by going to the same link...


Looking forward to seeing you in person or virtually soon!

Addy Saeed